Whisnu Santika ft. Amy B Launch Single “Chitty Chitty Bang!”


At the end of March 2019, Whisnu Santika launched one of his new songs for all music lovers around indonesia, especially dance music lovers and this time Whisnu has tried a new track with very different taste than his other songs in the past. Aside from that, in this new song of his he has decided to collaborate with a young new rapper names Amy B and the song is called Chitty Chitty Bang!

Whisnu Santika has pursued his DJ career since 2012 and a producer since 2017. Chitty Chitty Bang is the third single to be released after his songs INDONESIA (2017) and JUNGLE BASH (2018), he also released a remix/edit named RAP DAS ARMAS (PARAPAPAPA) in 2018 as well.

Amy B is a young fresh new rapper/MC in the industry who created the concept and lyrics to Chitty Chitty Bang. Her nationality is a mix of Indonesian – Australian and she’s only 17 years old! Before pursuing her passion in music, Amy B began her entertainment career in acting and has appeared on many soap operas and short movies in Indonesia. Amy B has now moved on to MCing DJs all over Indonesia. She is proudly to say that now her passion in music, song writing, and MC DJing is her final choice as a career in the entertainment industry.

Chitty Chitty Bang’s music genre is a mixture of Baile Funk and Brazilian Culture vibes. Why has Whisnu decided to choose this type of genre specifically? Because of Whisnu’s love for the culture of dance and music in Brazil. The title and lyrics were inspired by the one and only legendary movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” which Amy has always loved since she was little. She agrees that the words “Chitty Chitty Bang” have a very catchy ring to it and is easily remembered across the nation. As being said, that’s the reason Chitty Chitty Bang was created.